Saturday, 6 May 2017

Golden Rod

Golden Rod; Solidago

Image result for Golden RodThe name Solidago, from the Latin solido, "to make whole", indicates its use as a wound-healing herb. Goldenrod is a safe and gentle remedy for a number of disorders. It is a valuable astringent remedy treating wounds and bleeding. Antioxidant and diuretic, goldenrod is a valuable remedy for urinary tract disorders. The plant contains saponins that are antifungal and act specifically against the Candida fungus, the cause of yeast infections and oral thrush. The herb can also be taken for sore throats, chronic nasal congestion, and diarrhea. Due to its mild action, goldenrod is appropriate for treating gastroenteritis in children. It may be used as a mouthwash or douche for yeast infections.

Most are herbaceous perennial species found in open areas such as meadows, prairies, and savannas.


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